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Generational Learning Styles.
By Julie Coates.
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What's New for May 2015 for Associations
Retaining Older Workers

Employment is expected to increase by nearly 19 million jobs between 2004 and 2014. However, in that same period, 36 million people are expected to leave the work force permanently, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics. Associations should be concerned about this for two reasons. First, you will likely find it more difficult to fill critical staff positions with qualified candidates. Second, professional members of associations are likely to drop their memberships when they retire, unless you continue to meet some professional need they have. Time to shift your thinking!

Why You Should Collect Birth Year
Generational marketing is at full-stride these days. Knowing the age of the individual member allows you to make informed content and delivery method decisions. For example, most associations’ largest membership segment is still baby boomers. As such, seminar topics and delivery methods must continue to meet their needs. However, Generation X is moving into leadership positions within your association and in their careers. In addition, as the Baby Boomers begin retiring they will be replaced by Generations X and Y. As your Generation Y membership numbers grow, your association will need to further shift your products and services to online, 24/7 delivery options. Capturing the birth year of your individual members in your database allows you to segment your marketing towards the various generations and increase registrations.  Asking Birth Year instead of birthday or age is less threatening to your members and they are more likely to respond.
Create an Instructor Newsletter
Creating an Instructor Newsletter is a great way to create a communication line with your seminar and workshop instructors. In addition, it allows you to share successful presentation techniques and information on generational learning styles. This technique can also help assure that your conference presenters deliver successful presentations. According to Bill Draves, articles should be around 300 words. One added LERN benefit…feel free to reprint helpful LERN articles. Just remember to cite LERN as the original source!
Web Tip-Cross Marketing Based on Previous Purchases

The Arizona Bar Association recommends additional purchases based on current purchase. A great way to increase registrations!

Web Page of the Month

This main page offers a colorful and professional look, with great emphasis on "Quality in Education."  The testimonial is prominent and shows that an ASQ member is willing to "go public" in support of the society's programs.

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